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About Colin

More Than A Photographer

The Daddy

She's actually starting to call me Dad now, which feels weird. I'm not always the most emotional person - but Kenzie can make me crumble at the knees by just being herself. She's way funnier then I could ever be - which is why you might find her assisting me during shoots. Don't worry, she has extensive experience in engagement, editorial and fitness apparel shoots. And she charges me a lot.

The Ukulele Player

So.. what if I told you that in another life, I was a rockstar? Would you believe me? The ukulele has played a HUGE part of my life. I've met some of my closest friends from playing and anything really good that's ever happened to me - the ukulele has had something to do with it. If you don't count the week I played trumpet in 5th grade, the ukulele would be my first instrument.

Nowadays you'll find me in my living room, figuring out (very) random songs so Molly or Kenzie can sing it for me - cause I can't!

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