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Photography + Photobooth

We offer modern photography drenched in all of the fuzzies, surrounded by real moments and packed with all of the quirks from your wedding day.

We deliver real stories that take you back and provide the baseline of your love for one another.

Your Photographer

Hi! I'm Colin. I'm the photographer here. In another life I also play ukulele - but I won't bring that to your wedding (unless you ask).

I love genuine stories set with real, everyday people. I search for the things that they don't mention about weddings. I encourage my couples to be themselves and develop a level of trust that helps them forget I'm even there.

What You Get By Finding Us on American Bridal

All weddings booked from the American Bridal Show will receive 2 hours of reception coverage by our partner company, Gifadelphia Photobooth.

Sleek design, minimal footprint, party enhancer, gifs and photos straight to your phone.

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It's not just about the photos.

Personalized, Hands-On Experience

I only take 20 weddings a year so we can be there for each one of my couples. Learning your story, understanding your relationship, and finding what makes your love yours is the goal.

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Authentic, Uninterrupted Story Telling

Weddings are not photo shoots. And your wedding deserves much more than overly posed photographs that take you away from enjoying your day.I want you to remember your wedding for how it felt - real. Let me anticipate the moments, and let yourself live through them.

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Ridiculously Fast Turn-Around Time

In an industry where 8-10 weeks is the standard for photo delivery, we promise to have your wedding photos download ready in your very own online gallery within 3 weeks with absolutely no drop-off in quality.

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Focused on The Real Stuff

Forget everything you expect or have seen from other wedding photographers. We do all of that. Our main difference focus is on the real things that happen during your day. The small moments that are easily missed. The hilarious mishaps that shape your wedding.

You are a real person, really getting married to someone who really, really loves you. We are there for that above anything else.

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Print Matters

Let's face it, our generation is the most documented in human history - but why do we never do anything with the photographs we take? When's the last time you looked at that photo you took that one time with your phone?

Print matters, and what you do with your photographs will shape your everyday life at home.

We offer the highest quality albums and wall-art for all of our couples, and a complimentary in-person design session to help you make your selections as easy as possible.

Find out what Tracy and Jim's album means to them.

What Sets Us Apart

We only accept a limited number of events per year.
High quality work with industry leading turn-around time
Hands-On Experience
Wedding factories exist, we aren't one of them. Dedication to learning who you are is our number one priority, and showing what makes your relationship unique is what we are after.
Most wedding photographers take 8-10 weeks to deliver a wedding. We take 2-3 weeks from wedding to online gallery delivery.

Tracy and Jim's Wedding Album

No matter what size wedding you have, twelve guests or 200, invest in your wedding album. Naively, my husband and I thought an album was an unnecessary expense because we were having an intimate wedding with twelve of our closest friends and family. We assumed by having a smaller wedding we’d be privy to all the nights secrets and inside jokes. In some regard we were, but there was so much unseen by us that it helped to have Colin’s perspective when creating our wedding album. For instance, one of my favorite pictures is of my mother buttoning up my dress. It seems simple enough but there is a moment when she turns to Colin and shrugs her shoulders because unbeknownst to me she skipped some buttons. Keep in mind, this remained their secret for months after our wedding and it wasn't until our album reveal did I experience the moment.

Mom was nervous, it happens...
Their portrait session took place in their back yard.
One of the benefits to purchasing your album through Colin is he spends the time narrowing down the best photos and creates a sample album that is specific to you. We appreciated Colin the most during the album process because he committed so much time to selecting photos that preserved the authenticity and feeling of our day. Colin understood that we valued an album full of sentimental and funny moments rather than anything cookie-cutter. Therefore, when he snuck in the cringe worthy photograph of the skipped buttons he knew I’d need to keep it and that I’d be mad he didn’t stop her.
All jokes aside, we were grateful for how our wedding was documented and how Colin created an album that was authentically us. Therefore, if you have the opportunity - make the album. We have no regrets. It was the best investment we made.
Last shot of the night took place outside of the restaurant their "reception" was held.

Wedding Collections

3 simple collections to start from, we will be able to customize your day to exactly what you are looking for with a photographer, engagement session, photo booth, albums, wall-art and more.

Album+ Collection

Album Collection

Essential Collection




  • full day wedding coverage by Colin
  • second photographer
  • high resolution digital negatives
  • online password protected wedding gallery
  • 12"x12" leather wedding album
  • in person reveal & design consultation for wedding album and wall art
  • Gifadelphia Photobooth or engagement session (pick 1)

  • full day wedding coverage by Colin
  • second photographer
  • high resolution digital negatives
  • online password protected wedding gallery
  • 10"x10" leather wedding album
  • in person reveal & design consultation for wedding album and wall art

  • up to 8 hours of wedding coverage by Colin
  • high resolution digital negatives
  • 8"x8" leather wedding album
  • online password protected wedding gallery

Looking for something smaller?

Simplicity Collection

Our Simplicity Collection includes 6 hours of wedding coverage by Colin, digital files in a personalized online gallery for downloading and printing.

Starting at $3000

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