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Excelsior Wedding Photographer

Excelsior is a great example of why less is more in a wedding venue. Yes, it has a wide range of rooms through the space. You can find yourself lost in the catacombs or wondering why there are stones in the bathroom sink. But this Lancaster wedding venue is so good at not being too "in your face" or over the top.

This night shot was captured inside the open courtyard of Excelsior. My assistant lit the couple as I stood on my tippy toes, trying not to fall down a few flights of stairs during the process. I'm really happy with those photo because I don't believe anyone has ever shot this before.

Excelsior Wedding Photography

Located in the heart of Lancaster, Excelsior is one of the most up and coming wedding venues around.

Formally named Excelsior Hall, the venue sat unoccupied for 40 years along the north side of East King Street, between Duke and Lime streets. Eventually being purchased and turned into it's current form of a wedding venue.

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Location: 125 E King St Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602.