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Philadelphia Photo Booth Rental

Open Air Photo Booth in Philadelphia

Tired of the same old, clunky, out dated photo booths at every event? Yep, so was I. Gifadelphia Photobooth captures the atmosphere of your event and shenanigans of your guests then instantly share them everywhere.

The Booths

The OG

Rustic, wooden, simple design. This booth performs great at smaller weddings that happen on a farm, in a barn or in your backyard. It can be placed anywhere and everywhere and capture the atmosphere of your intimate wedding.

Main Features
  • simple, minimal look
  • classy wooden tripod
  • welcoming ring light
  • instant text message delivery
  • captures photos and GIFs
  • online gallery which builds live during your wedding

The New New

Futuristic, modern, sleek, chic and PACKED full of features. This booth performs amazing at larger weddings that happen in ballrooms and larger venues. Planning a 250+ person wedding? The New New can handle it.

Main Features
  • Sleek, modern, minimalistic look.
  • customizable LED lights to your weddings colors
  • instant text message delivery
  • captures your party in photo, GIF, boomerang and video format
  • filters similar to Instagram
  • skin smoothening
  • online gallery which builds live during your wedding

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