Gifadelphia Photobooth

Philadelphia Photo Booth Rental

Open Air Photo Booth in Philadelphia

Tired of the same old, clunky, out dated photo booths at every event? Yep, so was I. Capture the atmosphere of your event and shenanigans of your guests then instantly share them everywhere.

Photo Booth Pricing

$700 ($600 when included within Wedding Collection)

  • 3 Hours of Coverage
  • Skilled attendant to help run the booth
  • Personal gallery built LIVE as your party happens
  • Instant download of shareable GIFs for all guests
  • Zip file for all of the blackmail goodness after the event

Philadelphia Photo Booth Rental

Common Photo Booth Questions

Does it print?

Is printing important to you? Most people who hire us do so because we are different, and this is why. Gifadelphia Photobooth doesn't print - instead, it will send you and your guests a GIF instantly to your smartphone which you can then download or share on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Does it need a backdrop?

Nope! We can place the photo booth anywhere, so your event can become the backdrop and capture the atmosphere of your party!

Can it go outside?

Yep! Outside in a forest, inside next to your dance floor, stationed by the bar, inside one of the bathroom stalls (not recommended) this booth can go anywhere.

How much space do you need?

We find that 8'x8' is typically best.

Do we need props?

Your guests will take matters into their own hands and make props out of anything that’s around them! Booze, clothing, each other! The options are endless.

Does the booth need a power outlet?

The booth is battery powered and can run 6-8 hours on one single charge!

When can we expect our gallery?

24 hours (if not sooner) after your event, you will get a full gallery of every single GIF from the night. Perfect cure for wedding or event hangovers.

Can I hire the booth for my non-wedding event?

Yes! Inquire here.

What does Gifadelphia Photo Booth look like?

In short... not much. We love the clean design and HUGE things come in this small package. (That's what she said.....)

With so many different variables at every Philadelphia Wedding, I wanted to offer an open air photo booth solution that didn't take up a lot of space, that integrated social media use and had an easy-to-use touch interface that anyone could operate. (seriously, we've seen everything from toddlers to two very hip grandmothers use this thing successfully).

This photo booth lights up a room, literally and figuratively, while also being an easy addition to make your party even more fun!

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